Levi Metten

Frisco, TX 75034

Licensed in OK

(214) 435-9550

Levi Metten

Levi's journey began as a 5th generation Texan, raised in Frisco, Texas. From a young age, he found himself immersed in the natural beauty of the outdoors, captivated by the allure of his family's ranch in East Texas. It was here that his deep-rooted passion for the wilderness took hold, and he eagerly embraced the responsibilities of managing the land, gaining invaluable insights into the world of hunting and fishing. Over the years, Levi's fascination with the outdoors grew exponentially, particularly when he started developing his skills in hunting waterfowl in both Texas and Oklahoma, often onto public lands. This pursuit opened up a whole new realm of experiences and connections with fellow outdoor enthusiasts, cementing lifelong friendships based on a shared love for nature's resources. 


Continuing his academic journey, Levi pursued a bachelor's degree at Oklahoma State University, majoring in marketing and business management. Stillwater, Oklahoma, became another home for him, a place where he forged strong bonds with like-minded individuals who understood and cherished the beauty of nature. It was during these formative years that Levi's love for the outdoors transcended beyond mere hobbies, becoming an integral part of his identity. While in school, Levi delved into the world of commercial real estate, joining a prestigious firm in Dallas, Texas. While he embraced the challenges of the field, he couldn't shake off his deep-rooted passion for the outdoors. It was during this time that he found himself drawn to real estate brokerage, where he learned the art of deal-making in retail and office brokerage. 


He began to have the realization that he could merge two of his greatest passions, the outdoors and real estate, into a fulfilling career. The prospect of being involved in ranch and land brokerage lit a fire within him and gave him a sense of purpose and direction. As Levi ventured into the world of ranch and land sales, he drew from his vast knowledge and experiences of growing up in the outdoors. Understanding the nuances of each property and the behaviors of the wildlife that inhabit them became second nature to him, a skillset developed over countless hours spent observing and learning from nature himself. At the core of Levi's work lie values that he holds dear - an unwavering commitment to excellence, an insatiable work ethic, and meticulous attention to detail. These values serve as the bedrock of his approach to client service, ensuring that he goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. 


When he isn't dedicating his time to work, Levi can be found traveling the country and the world, chasing whitetails, waterfowl, or indulging in the serenity of fly-fishing. Each journey enriches his understanding of the natural world, reaffirming his passion and commitment to conserving and appreciating the great outdoors. In Levi's eyes, every day presents an opportunity to combine his love for the land and his expertise in real estate, a harmonious blend that allows him to make a positive impact on the lives of his clients and the environment they cherish. With his unwavering spirit and dedication, Levi continues to forge a path of success in the realms he holds closest to his heart - the captivating world of the outdoors and the dynamic landscape of real estate. 

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